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Posted August 5, 2015 by MANAGER Manager
From the CEO address:
We here at iMIS International are enhancing our core business, while proactively capitalizing on worldwide opportunities arising from global cyclical business trends and the increasing demand for top flight products and services.

With a strong asset base and excellent execution capabilities we are poised as a premier, global development and manufacturing organization.
Posted April 22, 2014 by MANAGER Manager

Did you realize that you can follow a number of communities that are set up to encourage knowledge sharing, networking, and support? Take a look around and listen to what other people in the industry are talking about!

Some highlights:

The Members FAQ Community is the place to discover all the benefits you are entitled to as a member of our organization. 
* The Volunteer Community helps you get involved in a variety of community service projects.
* The Resource Library is a repository of industry best practices and tools to help you in your career.